What’s to come?


As a late 20’s Brooklyn girl(future you -look you were in your 20’s), life has gotten pretty hectic. With the start of the new year, hello 2018, I really want to bring my life into perspective and I want to take this blog along with me on the journey. I realize as I write this that someone in the future might read this and think, um… 2018 that was an eternity ago! But I digress- back to the intro…

Here is some backstory because if I were you, an internet stranger, I would want to know why I should even bother.

What is wrong with me: I lost my dad in October 2017. He had several health issues due to his long-standing battle with drug addiction. I graduated college years ago with a bachelors degree in Spanish Education and never completed my certification — so that was pretty much useless. After a long time working on an office 9-5 setting that I loathed, I wanted out and tried to teach again. However, too much time has passed and I did not have the same passion or drive for it. I seek to find something I am good at and something I have a passion for but it seems to keep passing me by. I struggle with credit card debt and it has taken me over four years to pay it off but I am finally down to a single digit in the thousands. I am overweight and love food immensely, and have no willpower for exercise and diet despite my numerous (weak) attempts. I am confused, I am worried, but I am eager.

What is right with me: I have an amazing support system. My friends/family are huge factors in my life, even if it isn’t always positive. I have a huge welcoming and warm heart and the incessant need to fix things. I will help anyone one I can, even if it means putting myself in the backseat. This can sometimes make me think that while I am taking care of everyone, who would take care of me- and that is where writing comes in. I love to write, even if it is just a to-do list, it is something that mellows me out and gives me an outlet. I can write about anything. I cannot begin to tell you how many recommendation letters, application letters, cover letters, even letters to significant others that I have penned. I have a desire to travel as often as life (and bank account) will allow. I have simple dreams of owning a home with a yard, having enough savings to allow security, and having a life that I can reflect on and be proud of. I intend to spend every breathing moment I have to work towards accomplishing them. I love food, family, friends, and my dog (catch her on the gram @sundaythemutt). I try almost everything – at least once.

Ok, so I dropped a pretty big bomb to start that last paragraph and no, it isn’t to get your pity. I mention it because it is a huge part of what defines me now and the push I never knew I needed to accelerate my writing dreams hence– I will mention quite frequently.

What I wanted to tell you was what is to come of this blog if I succeed at it. I want to tell you about what I deal with in hopes that if you are experiencing something similar, well, maybe it’ll help to know you aren’t alone.  I want to tell you about my travels if and when I go. I want to tell you about my version of love because everyone experiences it differently. I want to tell you about relationships, and if my closest ones to me allow me to introduce you guys to them than you’ll get a dabble of that too. And I will always tell you that I am not an expert but my recommendations are always 100% true and unbiased. I, unlike many people, will never lie to you.

Remember back in grade school when you would have a journal and the teachers would assign you these “100 Journal Topics” to help whenever you were feeling stuck? Well, this first blog post is just that.

Future Topics (literally as they pop into my head now!)

  1. Dog Stuff
  2. Becoming a Teacher
  3. …and failing at it
  4. Dating
  5. Living with Partner
  6. Losing a Parent
  7. Living in Brooklyn
  8. Minimalism
  9. …working towards minimalism
  10. …& decluttering
  11. Learning to cook
  12. Restaurants
  13. Places I have been
  14. …& Places to go
  15. Travel Tips & Tricks
  16. Friend Stories
  17. If I ever lose weight
  18. Baking?
  19. Debt help…
  20. Being Sicilian/Filipino

Ok, that should suffice for now.

What I will do is I will come back here after I have written the above-mentioned comment and link each post.

If anything on that list interest you or anything you thinks I should write about please comment and let me know and I will most certainly try my best!

Ciao for now, A.


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