Sunday’s Christmas Photo Shoot

Super shout out to fellow WordPresser- Lacey – for being the photographer for my in-home photo shoot with Sunday. I know I am super delayed in posting these considering summer is around the block but I had saved it as a draft and never got around to actually blogging about it (Read more about that HERE) – So you are getting Christmas photos in June. (didn’t realize till after this was posted that we can backdate it -__-)

While I have no children, she is my baybeehhhh. I know you hear people all the time referring to their pets as children (and sometimes vice versa LOL) but she really is my child. If I could claim her on my taxes- I surely would! My Nonna actually did that once 🤦🏻‍♀️ The reason why I love these photos so much is because I come from one of those families where you get the postcards from everyone that has kids sending their love with beautiful family photos and sometimes I get jealous. I have come to terms that E is never gonna pose for a photo session, nor will we be married any time in the near future (still holding out hope though) , so when do I get to send a post card. Truth is, I don’t. Instead, I get to post a cool ass photo of me and my right hand b@*#h. (Am I allowed to cuss on here? Someone find out and let me know lol !) so I encourage you all, if you got a pet, do the damn photoshoot. It is fun and silly and all around a great time.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, you can use what you have or go to a dollar store. To keep your dog still keep a treat or a squeak toy to grab their attention. In my case, I used the lights off of the tree and a headband I had bought for myself 😂! I would love to see your pet photoshoots so please feel free to link them below!


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