Downie with the Brownie

It is my lifelong mission to find the best recipes and test and master them so they become my “go-to” recipes. I am still working out the kinks but I have come to find several recipes that I consider tried and true and I hope to share them with you as time goes on. This works both ways though, if you know a recipe that I should try, suggest it and I will do my best to test it out too!

Anyways, as 2018 has rolled in I am trying to use everything I have and not purchase anything that I do not need because, well… minimalism is the goal. So, here I am scrolling through my Tastemade app (which after months tastemade finally corrected my app issues)  and found this chewy brownie recipe. Now unfortunately I only had about 9 oz. of the bittersweet chocolate, but I did have a huge bag of semi sweet chips, so I made do to say the least. 

These brownies were moist, sweet, textured, and phenomenal. I will say this though, they recommended 60-80 minute baking time so logically that meant 70 minutes. That extra ten minutes burnt my edges a bit so perhaps I will attempt next time just the 60 minutes, but never the less… deelishhhh!img_4686.jpg

I am going to try the recipes I can, and those that are successful I will share with you 🙂 Giving these brownies a solid 9/10

Bye for now! – A


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