Di Fara’s

Di'Fara's Pizza

If you’ve been to Brooklyn, then you have most definitely searched for pizza. And more than likely… diFara’s came up. If you haven’t then add this to your bucket list.

Now, you have to understand, I want consider myself to be a “pizza connoisseur” because E and I have tried pizza in so many places in an effort to find the best pizzahhhh.

DiFara’s comes in second place for us and that is pretty darn good in my book. The pizza was delicious. We got a regular margherita and white pizza because… well variety ! LOL!  See that old man in that photo, that’s the dad, last I checked, he was still there making the pizza, on his feet and shoveling pies into the oven at full force. If your looking to get your pie and head out quickly, you are at the wrong place. They are almost always busy and there is usually a line (they write your name down in a marble notebook). But when your pizza comes out and you watch the father (probably the sons now because he’s getting up there) take a whole head of basil and a pair of scissors and cut that bad boy directly on your pizza….well its safe to say your impatience will be subsided because you will realize it. was. worth. the. wait.

The only con– I personally do not consider it too much of a con — is that there is no seating. I mean there are some chairs and tables towards the back but those are quickly taken up. If that is something that you care about then it might be a bigger deal to you but for me, I order and wait, then head home put on some netflix and PIG OUT.

Next time you are in NY, or if you are a local, promise me you’ll try it. & then tell me alllll about it 🙂

Ciao for now, A.




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