Dr. Seuss DIY

One of my friends was throwing a birthday party for her twins with the theme of Dr. Seuss’ Thing 1 & Thing 2…I know, adorable right? She was on a budget and I went Pinterest crazy and found some really cool and somewhat easy DIY that were reasonably priced. I went to the 99c store and bought some mini pots. I already had some acrylic paint from my previous crafts. I headed to a craft store and bought thick large card stocks, some styrofoam balls and sticks, and paper grass. First thing I worked on was the “Lollipop” trees. While some of these aren’t necessarily from Cat in the Hat, it was still in the “Dr. Seuss” theme. I decorated the mini pots with either blue and white polka dots, red and white stripes, or cute little lorax faces (because the pots matched the lorax color). I then placed a little Styrofoam block inside the pot, filled it with grass and then put the lollipops in there. I wish I would have left it at that because looking back at the pictures now, I hate how the little umbrellas look. But I know better now for future references.

Because we were on a budget but we still wanted those cute photo booth props (without the photo booth lol) I used cardstock and drew out some of the recognizable images from Dr. Seuss and used acrylic paint to color them in. I made the cat hats, the thing 1 & 2 signs, green eggs and ham plate, the things hair, and a lorax mustache—most of which I clearly didn’t photograph. Unfortunately, I forgot it was a kids party and used my dogs head measurements as a guide, needless to say, they were VERY big.

But all in all I spent about $35.00 and got some really cool things out of it. I wonder what other DIY things I can try and if you have done these please share it with me I would love to see them!


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