4:44 Tour at the Barclay’s


The Brooklyn legend himself made a stop on his tour in his hometown. As a long time hip-hop fan, lover of all things Brooklyn, and basically a Jay-Z groupie… it was an experience I could not miss.

Can you tell I love Brooklyn?

What is more Brooklyn than wearing all black, to the Barclays Center, in a Brooklyn Hat, going to see a Brooklyn legend -Jay Z? Absolutely Nothing!

H to the Izzo was truly an amazing concert. He played throw backs that you could not help but rap along to like “Big Pimpin'” & “Girls,Girls, Girls” as well as tracks off his new 4:44 Album. The great thing about the album was it was filled with heartfelt references to his life. With all that was in the tabloids about him and Beyonce and having not spoking to the paparazzi’s about it, this was his way of controlling the narrative and we love him for that. It took me by no suprse that all of Brooklyn was on their feet the entire time.

On the negative side, my oh my, what a racket these concert venues got! $8.00 for a beer? $50.00 for a Tee? $149.00 for a hoody? Is you f*%#ing CRAZY?

…. I still bought it though.

I thought I told you I was a mess ?!


xo- A


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