Italy Trip, Day Two: Pompeii

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Where did we leave off? Oh, yes, Day TWO. Now as you saw in the Day One Post, there was a lot to do in a little time. I did not want a tour guide but I did want to see I everything I can, everywhere that I could. So, next on our adventure were the ruins of Pompeii. I wanted to see Herculaneum too but time was not on our side. We left our hotel in Rome and headed over to the Roma Termini (Rome Terminal Train Station) which was a five to ten-minute walk from our hotel. We got on the high-speed Trenitalia to Naples which I had pre-ordered prior to the trip. Both our tickets totaled to €92  Round Trip. Side Note: I learned after this trip that totally loves high-speed trains.

Once we got to Naples, there were a ton of cabs waiting to take the tourist to Pompeii. We realized on our way back to the station that the cab was a rip off because the train system was WAY cheaper and easy enough to figure out, but we got in the cab because the neighborhood was sketchy and honestly, so was the cab. Even though Naples was not as clean and proper as the Rome we had just left, the tone of the neighborhood was pretty comfortable for us because we are from a gritty city too. It was sort of familiar because it was much more similar to Sicily than Rome and my Sicilian dialect was a little more useful since it isn’t as proper as “Italian”.


Anywho, we got in the cab which was this little shotty grey thingamabob and I was thoroughly impressed we had gotten there in one piece. On our way, we passed the coast which looked gorgeous and gave me some ideas for my next vacation (stay tuned). We also observed the shadows of the famed Mt. Vesuvius. Majestic in all its glory. Tickets into Pompeii was about €18. Side Note: I was dressed entirely fucking wrong for this day. It was hot and I wore a dress with a leather jacket. I had massive leg chafing, woooo it was terrible! Then, stupid me wore these flats which were comfortable until about twenty minutes in. People, these shoes failed me horribly. I had blisters EVERYWHERE.



But back to the trip. Pompeii is stunning. As soon as I entered, I cannot explain why, but I felt like crying. All I could think about was that damn movie and in the final scene when all that hot lava starts filling the streets and I legit wanted to cry. Thankfully, I was distracted by the scenery and it subsided. The walk took about three to four hours and I am pretty sure that I did not even cover all of it. The map from the information desk was not as useful so I suggest using-once again- Google Maps.

After that long and exhausting (but still very beautiful) walk, we decided to take the public transportation back to Napoli Centrale. A little backstory: so prior to heading to Italy, I told my Nonna (my grandma) I was heading to Italy and I was going to make a stop in Naples. She forewarned me that in Sicily, and most likely in Naples, there are SOUL STEALING GYPSIES. I laughed and brushed it off thinking my granny had officially lost it.  When E and I got on that train, we realized Nonna ain’t’ no fool. Nonna said, “Whatever you do, do not let the gypsy touch your hand, she will steal a good part of your soul.” How? I haven’t the slightest clue. So, as we sat this little old lady got on the train and I did not think anything of it till she came up to me and grabbed my hand and started to say some pretty accurate things in a heavy accented attempt in English. It totally freaked me out. I snatched my hand back but tried to politely say “No, Grazie” and then… she spit at us and I am almost positive she cursed me in some way or form. Can’t prove it, but I bet she did! Here I thought all I had to worry about was a pickpocket! LOL.

Besides the whole gypsy thing, the train ride went smoothly. We were back at the station in no time and we had plenty of time to spare. So we walked around Naples and according to some food shows we watch, Naples was the birthplace of Pizza and so in our minds that meant that no matter where we went in Naples, the pizza would be BOMB. Guys, I believe that statement to be 100% TRUE. We walked into two different pizza shops and had a slice from each and they were Yummmmm. And then we passed by this random pizza shop and we looked at each other like “IT’S A PIZZA TIME! MANGIA!” And sure, we have great pizza here in Brooklyn (Reminder- write a blog about best Brooklyn pizza joints and link here! LOL) but in Italy, in NAPLES, the ingredients are homegrown. Fresh. Direct from the Source. SO, OF COURSE, it tasted like Magical Unicorn babies spreading pixie dust all over my life.

At around 7:30 PM we headed back to the train and it took us back into Rome, where we would pass out almost immediately from exhaustion and rest in preparation for DAY THREE- VENICE!


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