A Quick Writing Tip for Bloggers

I feel like I always have to reiterate the fact that I am not an expert, which in some ways is kind of discouraging to me. But, nevertheless, I have tip for you- whether you are a reader, a writer, a blogger, or a creative person, whatever you are this tip is golden.

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Photo by Stokpic on Pexels.com

As I have been on this path of self-discovery, trying to figure out where my life goes from here and what I want to do, writing has sort of been my sanity. With all of these ideas of things to do and what to write coming in my head, I started to develop my ideas by trying to turn it into a blog post. Example: when I first started this blog I wanted to provide you all with amazing content so I thought about what to share, gathered all my photos to use for the post, and then started writing. I published the post immediately after I was done and realized there were so many other interesting things I could of written instead of that one. So I wrote a second one, and again I was disappointed.  Finally, I figured out the plan.

“Draft it!”

So, with the app and the desktop version, you can write blog posts. I, personally, use my app because I always have my phone with me and that is the device I use for most of my picture taking. I went to MOFAD the other day (stay tuned for link and post) and I took photos. Immediately upon leaving I knew I wanted to blog about it but I was not free or able to, so instead I opened the WordPress app, inserted the photos into a draft, and saved it for later. So now, when the creative juices start flowing and I am ready to write, I can open up anyone of my drafts (right now I stand at twenty seven) and write then publish!

This allows you to dump your thoughts and reflect later. If enough time has passed and you have not had the urge to complete that idea you had before, than maybe it isn’t such a good one – or- maybe it will be a wake up call for you to sit your ass down and focus. I would love to hear if you guys try it out or if you have been doing it, share your experiences. Do you have any special tips and tricks that help you blog? Wanna share them and help out the blogosphere? I would love to hear them!

-as a side note: Since I am trying to really grow and make a career out of writing I have been researching like mad how to get it up and running. I have been looking into a second bachelor’s and taking some random courses online. If anyone has tips on how to become an actual paid freelance writer I would love to hear it.

-xo A.



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