My Favorite Italian Word

While I was watching Aziz Ansari’s “Master of None” and there was a scene where Aziz explains his favorite Italian word is Allora which can either mean then or well. While watching, I could not help but think how many times I have used or heard that word with my family. I laughed and started to thing of some of my favorite words in Italian (or maybe Sicilian, honestly not to sure). They are my favorites because of how fun they are to say and how I can use them. One is cucuzza (goo-gootz-a) aka Italian squash. If you have never had Italian squash, not to be confused with zucchini, than you are missing out on a quite delicious veggie. Many Italians will use this vegetable in Minestrone soup but I call my god daughter my little cucuzza sometimes.


But my favorite Italian word, probably my favorite word period, is “BOH”. Those three little letters, so short but so amusing. It means “I don’t know” and usually goes with the shrugged shoulder gesture.  The American version is equivalent to “Meh”. Whenever my father or grandmother would ask me a question, whether I knew the answer or not, this was my response. Even now, when I sit at tables with my family, someone almost always says it and it still gives me the giggles.

It is so much of a fun word that the app for Italian emojis has one expressing the gesture. So, the next time you do not know something, rather than just giving a boring regular word, switch it up and use “boh”. I am trying to start a trend here folks, it might be as catchy as …let’s say…. “fetch” LOL! #MeanGirls


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