Project in Motion: Pamilya- The Filipino Family Series

I have had a thought for the longest time and I think that now is a good time to bring my imagination to reality. I know I have mentioned in so many posts before my struggle with my Filipino identity. As I have gotten older, I always think about the strength my Filipino people have. The way they have to leave and abandon their families to work and send money back home. The stories they have shared with me over food about the happiness they feel in the Philippines though materialism is not surrounding them. The way they have bonded as a community to provide for one another as though they are family. All of these stories of strength and determination.

It has been my dream to sit down, with each Filipino person I know, most of which my own family, and document their stories. My Tita Lorna left her two children to be raised by her elderly parents, came to America with my mother in order to provide for the family back home. Her daughter, Ate Rochelle, an amazingly kind and generous person, now with her own grand family and what the impact of not having her mother around was like. Her son, Aga, who now lives here in the States with his wife, Leiyah, who gave birth to their son here, had to send their son to the Philippines to be raised. My Tita Rose who raised her three sons here while her husband spent half the year in the Philippines every single year. If I were to stand in front of the Johnny Air and collect stories, that alone could be a series.

My only hesitation is that I would work endlessly trying to perfect this content, but what if it is all for not. No one to read it, no one to take an interest, no one to care. So that is why I am writing this blog post. Would you, could you, get behind this idea? With enough support and encouragement, I think this can be a thing…do you?

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